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Hi all…I am not new to blogging, but still I decided to put up the science inventions that fascinate me in a completely dedicated blog for science and similar stuff.

I am a student, did my A ‘Levels privately, was born on 6th of the 10th month in 1994 in Karachi,Pakistan. I’d say I don’t remember most of my early life (LOL), 4 to 5 years to be exact, however I was admitted to HABIB PUBLIC SCHOOL in class 1 no kindergarten fuss or anything. I proved my metal there and always ranked in top 3 candidates (never secured first though :p).Well life was excellent until I got admission in Pakistan’s oldest school The BVS PARSI SCHOOL in 6th grade CAMBRIDGE SECTION. It came to me as a burden and my grades deteriorated until I repaired myself and that didn’t happened till class 8th. All went good after that and in grade 10th it was time for us to appear for our first O ‘Levels (home exams).I think I did okay and secured an A and B in 2011. In 2012 I appeared for 10 subjects and secured 2A*s 5As and 2Bs which was okay for me. Well I didn’t knew back then that crucial is yet to come and I opted for one year A ‘Levels program instead of 2 and that too privately without any coaching or teacher’s interference (so to say)…A whole year mostly spent in my room finally paid and I secured 2 stars with an A and B in total of four subjects. And now days I am doing my Mechanical Engineering course from DS University.

Anyhow I hope you enjoy going through my Blog—any recommendations please feel free to extend your opinion via any medium you want!


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