Star Stuff


Heard About Star Stuff? Not yet? This is probably the best time! Star stuff Episode 662 is now out!

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On Science 360 Radio in the United States.
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This week’s show…..

Oldest Star Discovered 
Australian astronomers have found the oldest star ever seen. The Methuselah like star is 13.6 billion years old. It was identified by its extremely low iron spectra.

The re-ionization epoch seen in a new light 

Scientists now have a better picture of an important episode in ancient cosmic history known as the re-ionization epoch. Using new computer simulations, astronomers in Israel found that the universe heated up more slowly than previously thought.

A new way to track near Earth asteroids

The dream of detecting every potentially dangerous near Earth asteroid could be a step closer to reality, thanks a new technique called synthetic tracking. Tests show the new system might be able to find any asteroid over seven meters wide which comes into its field of view.

StarStuff is broadcast weekly on the best ABC Radio stations in Australia,
On the National Science Foundation’s Science 360 Radio across the United States.
As audio on demand and as a free podcast at….


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