Meet the Frontier Fields: Abell 2744

Frontier Fields

This is the first in a series of posts introducing and providing essential facts about each of the Frontier Fields.

Abell 2744, also known as Pandora’s Cluster, is a giant pile-up of four smaller galaxy clusters. Abell 2744, and its neighboring parallel field, are among the first targets of the Frontier Fields program.

The Abell catalogue of galaxy clusters was first compiled by astronomer George O. Abell in 1958, with over 2,700 galaxy clusters observable from the Northern Hemisphere. The Abell catalogue was updated in 1989 with galaxy clusters from the Southern Hemisphere.

Estimated Dates of Observations: October-November 2013 and May-June 2014

The planned dates for Hubble observations of the Frontier Fields include observations approximately six months apart. This is the time it takes for the cameras on Hubble to swap positions so that both visible-light data and infrared-light data can be captured from the galaxy cluster field and the…

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