Smart glasses detect patient veins for precise IV placement

Could this be done with Google Glass?

Ouch! Ever have a nurse stick you several times, trying to locate a vein for drawing blood?

That’s about to be history. The new Eyes-On “smart glasses” from Evena Medical now allow nurses to see through a patient’s skin to the vasculature beneath.

The device adds multi-spectral 3D imaging to Epson Moverio glasses. Nurses can share images remotely via Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3G wireless, using a belt-mounted computer and battery pack. It can also record photos or videos of the imagery and save them on its onboard storage for playback. Embedded speakers also allow for audio conferencing.

The system also interfaces with hospital electronic medical records systems for seamless documentation, the company says.

Eyes-On Glasses (credit: Evena Medical)

Eyes-On Glasses (credit: Evena Medical)

Ok, Glass, Find a vein!

Vasculature image (credit: Evena Medical)

Vasculature image (credit: Evena Medical)

But a battery pack and computer, instead of an Android/iPhone link? Please. Couldn’t this be done more effectively with Google Glass (except the 3D part), as a nice compact system — and one that could perform other diagnostic tasks, such as AR overlay of patient records and remote videoconferencing via smart phone?

Let’s see… the vasculature is typically viewed transdermally using IR imaging (which is what the image below appears to be using). Perhaps a simple near-IR filter lens-overlay would do it? (There’s also an IR light built into Glass as a proximity sensor, which would add some luminosity in the IR range.)

OK, while you’re at it, what about adding some TriCorder stuff (as in the cool Scanadu gadget, which also has an LED light (tech details here, and the latest here)?


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