Famous Mad Scientists

There is something about mad scientists that just capture the imagination and why not? They are men and women with brilliant minds and dubious morals and strange habits. They twist science and come up with many wonderful and sometimes crazy inventions that may or may not end the world and spell doom for man-kind. Sometimes, they just do harm to themselves and think nothing about it since everything they do is in the name of science. Below are some mad scientists that deserve to be applauded and feared for what they have managed to do.


Werner Forrsman – now this guy was something else because it seems nothing and no one could stop him from sticking a rubber tube up his veins and reaching his heart. His boss, being a scientist of the non-mad kind, explicitly told him not to do it and even took measures to make sure he never got the materials he needed. But Forrsman was mad and he was a genius so he tricked a nurse into thinking he was in love with her so he could get the materials he needed. On the night of the operation, he strapped her to a table to make sure she didn’t stop him. In the end though, his experiment was justified as he paved the way for heart catheterizations and even won a Nobel Prize.

Kary Mullis – why do people try LSD? To feel groovy? To feel in? Kary Mullis on the other hand tried LSD for the very first time back in 1966 and after it was made illegal, he and some other students mixed it with legal hallucinogens. According to him, he had to thank the drugs for allowing him to train his mind to better process ideas in a visual way and this helped him figure out how to copyright DNA. Thanks to the drugs, he said he could imagine himself being with the molecules. He confessed that he would never have had the ideas it if weren’t for the drugs so you can say that he could thank the drugs for the Nobel Prize he won in 1993.

There are many more mad scientists out there and these geniuses may not act within the set rules of society but maybe that is what makes them so brilliant in the first place. After all, for them to come up with genius ideas, they had to think outside the box.


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