An alchemical adventure

A Suburban Druid

Alchemical Symbols

I am about to set off on an alchemical adventure.  I have been fascinated by alchemy for a while now, but from a respectful distance.  Until recently I thought that an alchemist is a person who conducts experiments not dissimilar to the ones I was so bad at at school.

But this is not so, apparently alchemy is not just about work in a physical laboratory.  An alchemical work can just as likely be carried out through meditation, study or plain old observation.   Alchemy is the science/art/philosophy/psychology of transformation.

Using the most famous example, I see the quest for transformation of base metal into gold as metaphor for what the alchemist is engaged in. The experiments, whether actual or visualised are a form of a meditation in order to bring about a more perceptive state thereby preparing the alchemist for transformation.   In my view the answers to many…

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