Theories about Black Holes in Space



If there is one thing science fiction writers like aside from aliens and global destruction, it has to be black holes. These outer space mysteries have captured the imaginations of people and scientists for ages so much so that that dozens of theories have been formed about them and some extensive research has been done to figure out what they are and what secrets they hide. Some of the theories that have popped up are entirely possible while some are so crazy that they might just be true. Others are just so out of this world they might as well be some from some alien universe themselves.

Some people believe that entering black holes is a lot like entering a never-ending black hole that doesn’t really lead anywhere but will crush you to death. This theory, like every other theory, could work because no one has really ever entered a black hole to say otherwise but there were certain problems with the theory such as the fact that physics could not explain why anyone would be crushed to death.

Some theories like the newest one proposed by quantum physicist’s from Louisiana and Uruguay have crunched some numbers and have come up with a theory that black holes do not crush people and anything that goes inside them because they just do not work like that. According to their theory, black holes are more like portals to other universes. It may sound like something from a sci-fi book or novel and will certainly excite science fiction fans. They have even come up with an explanation of what it would feel like to fall down (through?) a black hole. They said that upon nearing the very bottom of singularity, you would not be crushed into a single point but rather gravity would decrease and you would fall through the bottom of the black hole.



Another famous theory about black holes is the one proposed by no other than the famous Albert Einstein. It was called the theory of general relativity which states that gravity does affect the behavior or light and the same can be applied to black holes. It was later on developed and improved by other notable names in the physics and science community who just cannot get enough of these black holes in space.

Up to know, there are still theories being thrown around about black holes but as technology advances, perhaps one day people will actually know what they are and what it is they do.


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